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About Two Guys and a Shovel

Today, as leading Mississauga landscapers, our unique selling points shine through every project we undertake. We're not just any landscape contractor serving clients in the GTA; our commitment is evident in the standards we set, often surpassing the industry's best. With accolades such as Proud Member Landscape Ontario, Unilock Authorized Contractor, and over a century of combined landscape development experience, our proficiency spans the entire spectrum of landscape construction.

At the heart of our operations is a one-stop landscaping solution, providing top-tier service and execution in the landscape construction industry. We embrace every commercial or residential project with unmatched attention, reflecting our ethos that every property we transform is an extension of our own. Bolstering our efforts is our team bringing over 25 years of specialized knowledge to the table. Your search for a landscape contractor ends here; discover the beauty and quality we can bring to your outdoor space.

As a dedicated Landscape Company in Mississauga, we passionately serve clients in the Greater Toronto Area, bringing their outdoor dreams to life with precision and care.

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David Vella and Paul Fatica - Owners

In 2007, two passionate individuals, Paul Fatica and David Vella, merged their love for the outdoors and construction, creating a vision unparalleled in their dedication and expertise. Their goal was straightforward: to craft landscapes that stand out for their beauty and exceptional quality, enabling people to extend their living space and enjoy their natural environment.

Hey there! I'm David Vella. After spending years in the corporate world, I deeply yearned for something more personal and connected to nature. That's when I decided to pivot and dive headfirst into the world of landscaping—a choice I've never regretted. Today, with over 25 years of hands-on experience, I've transformed countless landscapes across the GTA, cementing my position as a dedicated Mississauga landscaper.

My love for everything outdoors is not just professional; it's deeply personal. Whether crafting a new landscape or indulging in my own outdoor hobbies, I feel most alive with the sun on my face and soil in my hands. I pride myself on being a problem solver, always eager to tackle challenges and find innovative solutions for our clients. Each project we undertake reflects my passion and dedication to creating spaces that families and businesses can cherish forever. So, if you want to transform your outdoor space into an oasis, know I'm here, ready and excited to help!

Our Mission

We provide premium landscape installations for commercial and residential clients to help make their vision for their outdoor space a beautiful and functional reality.

Two Guys and a Shovel provides premium landscape installations, including hardscape builds, artificial turf and sports courts for commercial and residential clients in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, West GTA, Hamilton, Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.