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Whether you want a perfectly manicured golf green in your yard, or just don’t want the hassle of regular yard maintenance, artificial turf could be right for you.


With hundreds of daycare and playground surface installations currently in use we are well versed in all aspects of this specialized area. Our team can help manage fall rating requirements up to 16’ and use only CSA approved underlay material when conducting these solutions. In order to prepare a proper plan and find the right solution for the application we would recommend contacting us directly for a best practice consultation based on your specific needs. Playground Turf and Playground Rubber Tiles are two of the post popular surface options when considering safety, cleanliness and surface life for any high traffic play area.

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Do You Feel Like Maintaining Your Lawn Is An Uphill Battle?

Artificial turf is a safe, even surface that requires very low-maintenance. Great for play areas, dog runs and putting greens.

  • No more muddy patches of dead grass.
  • No more mowing.
  • No more dead spots.
  • No more dirty pets.
  • Cleaning is as easy as sweep, broom or hose.
  • Water drains just like sod.
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According to Statistics Canada, gas-powered lawn equipment releases about 80,000 tonnes of emissions in Canada every year, using 151 million litres of gas.(You can drive 300 miles on the same amount of emission from 1 hour’s use of a lawnmower.)

  • Environmentally Friendly: Artificial Turf prevents the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals used for lawn care.
  • Cost Effective: Pays for itself over time. Lower than cost of sprinkler installation.
  • Protects Our Natural Resources: Conserving on the use of our water supply – Canadians use over 14,000 litres of water for their lawns.
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Daycare and Playground Surfaces: Where Safety Meets Fun

Step into a world where safety meets aesthetics with our specialized playground and daycare services. Our experts, who are well-versed in managing fall rating requirements up to 16', ensure seamless integration of both Playground Turf and Playground Rubber Tiles, depending on your specific needs. By choosing us, you are opting for a service that adheres strictly to using only CSA-approved underlay material, promising safety, cleanliness, and an extended surface life for any high-traffic play area. Our approach guarantees that children have a vibrant, safe, and clean place to play, nurturing their growth and development.

  • Expert Solutions: With hundreds of playground surface installations, we bring expertise and craftsmanship to each project.
  • Safety Prioritized: Our materials and processes meet the highest safety standards, ensuring a safe play environment for kids.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer consultations to develop the best practice plan suited to your specific requirements, promising an engaging and clean play area.
  • Quality Material: Rely on us for quality, as we use only CSA-approved underlay materials, ensuring durability and safety.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Align with our vision of protecting natural resources, as our artificial turf demands less water and no harmful pesticides, making it a sustainable choice.

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