Dog/Pet Runs

Beautiful and maintenance free

Whether you want a perfectly manicured golf green in your yard,
or just don’t want the hassle of regular yard maintenance, artificial turf could be right for you.

Dog/Pet Runs


One of our most popular installation requests, artificial turf surfaced pet areas remove the mud and mess common to most pet owners that can’t seem to manage a lawn and a pet simultaneously.  Factors we consider when installing pet surfaces include number of pets, size and frequency of use.  Having installed hundreds of pet surfaces in both commercial and residential applications allows us to help guide our customers in choosing the proper turf and install practices that will result in the best space possible for pet and parent.  All our turf options have been certified pet friendly and safe through independent Canadian lab testing.

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artificial turf

Do you feel like maintaining your lawn is an uphill battle?

Artificial turf is a safe, even surface that requires very low-maintenance. Great for play areas, dog runs and putting greens.

  • No more muddy patches of dead grass.
  • No more mowing.
  • No more dead spots.
  • No more dirty pets.
  • Cleaning is as easy as sweep, broom or hose.
  • Water drains just like sod.
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According to Statistics Canada, gas-powered lawn equipment releases about 80,000 tonnes of emissions in Canada every year, using 151 million litres of gas.(You can drive 300 miles on the same amount of emission from 1 hour’s use of a lawnmower.)

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Artificial Turf prevents the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals used for lawn care.

COST EFFECTIVE: Pays for itself over time. Lower than cost of sprinkler installation.

PROTECTS OUR NATURAL RESOURCES: Conserving on the use of our water supply – Canadians use over 14,000 litres of water for their lawns.

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